about me

nom. short for Nompumelelo, is a name of Zulu origin and means “mother of success, mother of freedom”

I was born in Eswatini and grew up in the Netherlands. I studied textile design at the Charles Montaigne Fashion Academy in Amsterdam. After graduating in 1999, I pursued a career as fashion designer for different brands. But after 12 years in fashion, I longed to start my own creative journey.

I explored different textile techniques before being introduced to the art of weaving.  I taught myself how to weave and as my knowledge and confidence grew, I got comfortable leaving things out and that’s when my wall art started to take shape.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that I take a ‘less is more’ approach, but I sure love to make things less complicated. That’s were my strength lies. Simplicity, beauty, and honesty are the essential ingredients in my work. Finding beauty in simplicity, order in chaos, always leaving room to play.

love, nom.