My name is nom, short for Nompumelelo. a name of Zulu origin and means “mother of success, mother of freedom”


about me

I was born in Eswatini, at the age of 3 my family and I moved to the Netherlands. Growing up in a large family where money was tight and having new things was rare. ⁠I quickly learned that if I wanted something, I had to make it myself.⁠ Using my imagination and anything I could find as material, I got to create almost anything .

As a young girl, I was passionate about fashion and had my heart set on a career in the industry. I studied textile design and pursued a career as fashion designer.

After 12 years in fashion I just felt that my heart was no longer in it. I missed actually creating things with my own 2 hands, wanted to get away from my computer and try different techniques myself. I had to start my own creative journey.